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DURATION: 2h 6min

In this course, we will explain the theory behind the extraction of coffee, identify the four primary sensory aspects of brewed coffee, explain the essential elements of brewing, explain the general rule of optimum extraction, familiarize oneself with the brewing control chart and much more.

We highly recommend that you take this course together with COFFEE GRINDING CONCEPTS

Review the fundamentals of brewing protocols and best practices. This course follows the Specialty Coffee Association’s curriculum with extra spice added by Willem Boot.

Course Curriculum

Brewing and Extraction Theory 00:31:00
Introduction to Extraction and Brewing 00:01:00
The Flavor Wheel Explained 00:06:00
Coffee to Water Ratio 00:06:00
Grind Size 00:02:00
Testing the Grind 00:02:00
The Brew Method 00:07:00
The Brewing Technique 00:07:00
Water 00:03:00
Filtration 00:05:00
Brewing Review 00:04:00
Coffee Brewing Chart 00:03:00
Using a TDS Meter 00:04:00
Validating the Extraction Yield 00:04:00
The Levels of Extraction 00:04:00
Brewing with French Press 00:07:00
Brewing with Chemex 00:10:00
Brewing with Aeropress 00:09:00
Brewing with Vaccpot 00:09:00
Korean Barista Preparing VaccPot 00:02:00

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