YES, all the courses are available after joining the membership.

You can take a course as fast or as slow as you wish, in whatever order you like.

All courses are available 24/7, weekends and holidays.

You can take them in pajamas and slippers with a cat on your lap and a pizza and beer in front of you.

We will not judge and you will learn whenever and wherever (with internet access) you want.

Your $499.95 payment covers one year of access.

You can extend your membership for another year, with full access to all courses (including new ones), for $149.95 – cancel anytime, or set your membership to automatically renew so you will be sure to get all the new content as it becomes available.

All online courses on this website.

No. Webinars and live courses are sold by Boot Coffee, but Coffee PRO members get 15% discount on those.

Yes, it is.

If you enroll in a live course, you will spend most of the class studying the theory of roasting, cupping, etc.  

This is what our videos offer as well, and unlike a live course, you can actually revisit the content.

Then it is up to you to practice and master the skill.  

Whether you learn in person or online, practicing is the only way you will master roasting, cupping, and brewing.

Still feeling skeptical? Ask one of our more than 3000 members who have already mastered roasting, cupping and other coffee skills via our online course.

YES, this certificate can have your name on it.

Once you pass the certification exam we generate this certificate for you and send it to your email as PDF.

Print it and hang it high.

You deserve it!

Boot Coffee Campus is an SCA Certified training center and most of the courses follow the SCA methodology.

If you are interested in the SCA certification we recommend one of our live courses.

Coffee PRO Members have 15% discount from any Boot Campus Course

You can find the current offering here: BOOT COFFEE CAMPUS

See for yourself! Sign up for one of our FREE COFFEE COURSES, or browse the curricula of individual courses and check out the free videos.

Yes, you can contact us via our contact form or via email and we will answer you, usually within 3 days.

There are plenty of awesome videos on YouTube about brewing, coffee roasting, and coffee generally.

Even some of our videos are on YouTube! Check them out.

But a complete curriculum is only available through No cat videos, though.

We have over 26 hours of content and we keep adding more.

With your initial payment, you have one year to master these courses, which in most cases is more than enough time to go through it at a comfortable pace.  

Most of our students and stay with us to get access to new content, or revisit the older content.

We encourage our users to review our courses to help you decide and to help us to create better content.

Feel free to check them out or ask around on Facebook groups.

We are very proud of what we’ve built and we are proud that vast majority of our customers are satisfied with their purchase.

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$499.95 / first year

$149.95 / YEAR after that