Coffee Courses were founded in 2012 by Willem Boot an internationally renowned coffee expert with more than 25 years of professional coffee experience, and Valerian Hrala a coffee entrepreneur (Green Plantation Coffee and Unleashed Coffee) and podcast host –

Our mission is to help you unlock the secrets of coffee and speed up your coffee knowledge development so you can create the best products for your customers and enjoy coffee to its full potential.  With online courses, you can do this wherever you are for a fraction of the price of a live course.

We believe that your ability to deliver consistent quality is the key to success for your coffee roasting business.

We offer courses in the art and science of coffee tasting, roasting, quality management, green coffee production, brewing, barista skills and enjoying coffee.

We built this online learning platform so you could be the most confident coffee professional out there.

Turning coffee enthusiasts into coffee professionals since 2012