Designing the Flavor of Coffee With Processing

The time when specialty coffee distinguished between three basic processes washed, sundried and pulp natural/honey are over. In the past few years, experimentation with new processing techniques brought branched out each of these basic processes into a multitude of different approaches and even hybrid techniques thus creating new flavors in the specialty coffee industry.

A good example is the Elida Estates run by Wilford Lamastus and his family. Wilford does produce washed (3 different kinds) and honey processed coffee but his strong suit is sundried naturals. We counted seven basic ways and an unlimited variation of the sundried natural methods he can choose to design the flavor of his coffee lots.  And this is only on the level of processing, obviously, the varietal and the maturity of picked cherries are also at play. Playing with these variables give a farmer a creative tool to design flavor profiles desired by the consumers. This video is part of our Coffee at Origin Course. To learn more about the farm and the history of the Lamastus Estate you can check out the video on my coffee podcast.