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DURATION: 2h 42min

This is the most comprehensive material about the origin of the coffee.

In the first part Willem Boot will help you to understand the long path of the coffee seed from the flower into the cup focusing on quality determinants. After this course module you will be able to understand why some coffees taste better then others, what gives them a specific flavor profile, how is the coffee selected for different quality levels, what are the causes of the coffee defects and much more.

In he second part Willem will guide you through his experimental coffee farm. Coffee from Finca La Mula won Best of Panama in 2014.

We also prepared you a giant reference library of arabica varietals, coffee diseases, farming practices and much more so you understand the origin aspect of the coffee.

Many coffee professionals neglect this topic even-though the coffee farm and the processing mill are the places where the quality of the coffee is determined. Do not be one of them and start learning now!

Course Contains


Course Curriculum

Growing, Harvesting and Processing Coffee
The Coffee Farm 00:08:00
The Life Cycle of a Coffee Cherry 00:08:00
Processing Coffee – The Washed Process 00:12:00
Processing Coffee – The Washed Process – Drying 00:16:00
Processing Coffee – The Pulp Natural and Honey Processes 00:09:00
Processing Coffee – The Sun Dried Natural Process 00:09:00
Last Steps Before Shipping to Coffee Roasters 00:08:00
The Coffee Farm - case study
Intro into Finca Sofia FREE 00:04:00
Geisha’s Home 00:04:00
Experimental Micro Climates 00:07:00
Geisha Resistance FREE 00:02:00
Green tip, bronz tip Geisha plant… which one is the best? 00:02:00
Erosion Prevention and Nitrogen Fixing Plants 00:02:00
Slow growth and thoughts on the hormonal system of the coffee tree 00:03:00
Terraces on Finca Sofia 00:01:00
Arabica Varieties
Cattura 00:02:00
Maragogipe FREE 00:02:00
Geisha 00:02:00
Typica 00:02:00
San Ramon 00:01:00
Pacamara 00:01:00
Pache 00:01:00
Yellow Catuai 00:01:00
Green tip, bronz tip Geisha plant FREE 00:02:00
Coffee Diseases
Ojo De Gallo 00:03:00
Derrite 00:02:00
Nutrition Deficiency 00:02:00
Broca FREE 00:05:00
Roots On Branches 00:01:00
Nursery 00:05:00
Crab Grass 00:01:00
Pulgar 00:01:00
Escama 00:01:00
Arador 00:01:00
Sustainability, Ecology, Climate Change
Composting – Finca Bambito, Panama FREE 00:03:00
Waste Water Processing 00:02:00
Climate Change – Finca Palmira, Panama 00:09:00
Processing Coffee at Origin
Small Scale Processing Mill 00:03:00
Traceability 00:03:00
Storing Parchment Coffee-Reposo 00:05:00
Parchment 00:03:00
Drying Coffee FREE 00:03:00
Researching DNA and Origin of Geisha
The Geisha 00:00:00
Why is Geisha so Special? 00:00:00
Genetic Properties of Arabica 00:00:00
Journey to Find Roots of the Geisha 00:00:00
Research Protocol Behind Discovering the Origin of geisha 00:00:00
Variety Spice of the Coffee 00:00:00
Processing 1 – Fruity, Fermented and Everything in Between 00:00:00
Processing 2 – Wet Dry and Everything in Between 00:00:00

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  1. Comprehensive and interesting!


    Great diversity of info and personal experience/video/photos assiting in overall engagement and info retention

  2. 5

    A very informative course. If you can’t travel to origin this is the way to go.

  3. Lots of good info


    It’s very nice to have all of this information available in a single easy to follow stream. Good tempo and everything is illustrated with excellent videos.

  4. Great Information


    Great detail and information!!

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