Coffee at Origin


This is the most comprehensive material about the origin of the coffee.

In the first part Willem Boot will help you to understand the long path of the coffee seed from the flower into the cup focusing on quality determinants. After this course module you will be able to understand why some coffees taste better then others, what gives them a specific flavor profile, how is the coffee selected for different quality levels, what are the causes of the coffee defects and much more.

In he second part Willem will guide you through his experimental coffee farm. Coffee from Finca La Mula won Best of Panama in 2014.

We also prepared you a giant reference library of arabica varietals, coffee diseases, farming practices and much more so you understand the origin aspect of the coffee.

Many coffee professionals neglect this topic even-though the coffee farm and the processing mill are the places where the quality of the coffee is determined. Do not be one of them and start learning now!





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