Pressure Profiling Your Coffee

roast profiling with pressure

In this article we have two videos for coffee roasters experimenting with pressure profiling.  

In the first video Willem Boot will describe what is pressure profiling and explains the three ways of heat transfer happening during roasting coffee.

The conduction heat is the result of contact between the coffee beans and the coffee drum.

The second type is the convection heat transfer. This is happening thanks to to the airflow in the coffee roaster and this type of heat transfer is crucial during the pressure roast profiling. 

The third type of heat transfer is radiant heat generated by the material of the roaster like the faceplates for example.

Preferring one type of heat over other will result a different coffee style. 

In the second video Willem elaborates more on the practical side of pressure coffee roast profiling.

There are not too many coffee roasting machines out there which let’s you dial in the roasting pressure. The most rudimental way can be a simple damper, but nowadays a more precise adjustment of the RPM of the exhaust fan can be useful to deliver the ultimate roast. 

In this video Willem explains the relation between the under pressure in the coffee roaster and the airflow. How do they corelate and what kind of flavor profiles in your coffee you can achieve by adjusting them.