Follow coffee’s journey from seed to cup and learn how botany, agriculture and economy influence the final quality of your coffee. This course gives you the foundation for everything else in the coffee industry.

We highly recommend that you also check out our course Coffee at Origin, where we talk more about everyday work on the farm and also about processing techniques. If you have purchased this course individually, Coffee at Origin is free.

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Course Curriculum

Geography and Terroir of Coffee
Coffee Growing Regions 00:03:00
Coffee Producing Countries 00:09:00
Climate Condition for the Coffee Plant 00:09:00
What is Terroir in Coffee? 00:08:00
The Elevation 00:01:00
The Climate 00:02:00
The Variety 00:01:00
Selecting Variety 00:03:00
Influence of the Cultural Practices on the Terroir 00:03:00
Bottany of Coffee
Seed to Tree 00:02:00
Coffee Tree or Coffee Shrub? 00:01:00
The Coffee Family 00:04:00
Ideal Temperatures for Cultivation of Coffee 00:02:00
Micro Climates 00:02:00
Coffee Varieties 00:11:00
Thoughts on Selecting a Variety 00:04:00
Flowering 00:06:00
The Coffee Cherry 00:06:00
Willem’s Library 00:05:00
Cultivation Practices
Organic or Conventional Coffee Farm 00:12:00
Shade Grown Coffee 00:04:00
Coffee Planting Density 00:04:00
Soil Profile and Amendments 00:04:00
Farm’s Topography 00:02:00
Selecting Seeds & Seedlings 00:07:00
Flowering at the Farm 00:03:00
Coffee Cherry Ripeness 00:03:00
Coffee Tree Maturing and Pruning 00:06:00
Harvesting & Processing 00:07:00
Farm Economics
Economical Reality of Coffee Farming 00:08:00
Conventional vs Organic Farming from Economic Perspective 00:06:00
Pricing of the Crop for Economical Sustainability 00:02:00
Commodity vs Specialty Markets 00:06:00
Coffee Price Trends 00:01:00
Coffee Consumption Worldwide 00:04:00

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  1. 4

    The final economical part is very interesting.

  2. Very informative


    This is a very informative course. I deliberately took it as first of the courses in this site, to set a good foundation.
    Even I was exposed to coffee industry for the past 3 years, it still helped me improved knowledge on the foundations of coffee, which is to start from the bean.

  3. Great overview of the agri-business of coffee


    Enjoyable overview of the many factors which contibute to the agricultural aspects of coffee. Many factors related to its production are discussed. It reminded me of an old adage that “things are simple only to those who are ignorant of the details.”

    A great look at the details.

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