Coffee Quality Analysis


Cupping is the elementary and professionally recognized methodology for evaluating coffee’s quality and characteristics. By cupping coffee, you will not only discover any defects, but you will also reveal the true nature of the coffee.

In the first part of the course Willem Boot will address more advanced coffee tasting issues, elaborating on the coffee taster’s professional integrity and helping you understand the physiological background. He will explain the how the coffee changes with temperature and what should you focus on.  In later part Jodi Wieser will demonstrate a practical example of a cupping session.

In the second part Daniel Humphries  Daniel Humphries guides you through ways to test coffee for quality, focusing on three main forms of preparation: pour over (manual and automatic), full immersion brewing (French press) and espresso.  Your customers will brew this coffee using popular brewing methods and it is vital that you know how this coffee tastes when prepared according to each method.

Mastering the cupping process is essential for everyone in the coffee industry, and the way for anyone to get the most from your drink. To cup effectively requires understanding the principles and what to look for when evaluating coffee.





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