DURATION: 5h 14min

Get a full picture of coffee roasting, from a peek at green bean evaluation inside the importer’s office, to selecting a roasting machine and designing unique roasting profiles, plus so much more.

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Course Curriculum

Coffee Lab
Basic Roasting Tools 00:04:00
Measuring Roast Color 00:04:00
Reading The Bean 00:10:00
Measuring Moisture and Density of the Green Coffee 00:03:00
Discussion on Density of Green Coffee 00:20:00
Visual Coffee Density Analytics and Roasting Strategy Based on the Density 00:08:00
Roasting Strategies
Back to Back Roasting 00:03:00
How to Use Airflow on Your Roaster 00:09:00
When to Use High and When Low Airflow 00:06:00
Charging Temperature for Different Density Beans 00:04:00
Roasting Decaf 00:03:00
Significance of the Turning Point 00:06:00
The Secrets of the First Crack 00:04:00
Roasting Sundried Natural Geisha 00:15:00
Charging Temperature for Different Density Beans 00:04:00
Discussing – Coffee Processes 00:06:00
Production Roasting
How to Choose a Coffee Roasting MachineFREE 00:04:00
Artisan Coffee Roaster 00:09:00
Comparing Roasters 00:13:00
Types of Burners 00:04:00
Minimum Load of a Coffee Roaster 00:01:00
The Real Capacity of a Coffee Roaster 00:30:00
Discussing – Roasting at High Elevation 00:14:00
Convection vs Conduction Heat 00:03:00
Roast Profiling 00:10:00
Production Roasting with Jodi 00:12:00
Production Flow 00:09:00
Importing Coffee
The Role of the Importer 00:09:00
Direct Trade vs Coffee ImporterFREE 00:08:00
Pre-Purchase Sample Process 00:08:00
Mass Cupping 00:07:00
In the Sample Room 00:03:00
Hot Air Roasting vs Conventional Roasting
Interview with Jerry WhitfieldFREE 00:09:00
Designing a Roast Profile with Sonofresco 00:04:00
Guatemala Huixoc 00:02:00
Sumatra Mandheling G1 00:04:00
Convection Roasting System Principles 00:05:00
San Franciscan (conduction roaster) vs Sonofresco (convection roaster) 00:25:00
Safe Workplace
Safety and Fire Prevention 00:05:00
Troubleshoot – Beans taken out from the drum, out of the chaff collector 00:04:00
Troubleshoot – Sour Notes in Coffee 00:03:00
Roasting Fundamentals 00:00:00
Roast Right The First Time 00:00:00
Ruling The Roast 00:00:00
Sample Roasting 00:00:00
The Perfect Light Roast 00:00:00
Roasting Decaf 00:00:00
Roasting Log 00:00:00
Advanced Roasting 00:20:00
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