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Interview with Gavin Gam – Aroma’s Secrets #1 – Australian Coffee Market and Buying Green Coffee

Willem Boot interviewed Gavin Gam, a coffee roaster and direct trade coffee buyer from Australia. Australia is home to 500 roasters and as Gavin says, it is “the most advanced and competitive coffee businesses of the word”. Gavin works for Aroma Coffee, the industry leading medium size roaster in Sydney and recent Champion Australian Roaster, organized by the Australian International Coffee Awards.

You can read about it in the Daily Telegraph here

We made a series of three videos with Gavin. In the first video, Willem asked about the Australian coffee market, Aroma’s marketing and coffee purchasing strategies.

Gavin was kind enough to share a lot about his company’s insights. We learn about the latest trends in the Australian coffee market, like why hair stylists and dentists in Australia want to have coffee machines in their offices, and how drip coffee finds its way in espresso culture.

Gavin describes how many coffees he uses in his espresso blends, why it is good to equip your customers with espresso equipment, and how he markets his coffee.

When it comes to green coffee purchasing, Gavin believes in direct trade and explains the benefits and pitfalls of the true direct trade and talks about best practices when it comes to direct trade with Ethiopian partners.

He even tells you why is he not a superhero and why is he not flying yet.

April 2, 2015

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