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Roasting Sun Dried Natural Geisha with Linea Café

One brisk Saturday morning I came to the lab and I found both Andrew Barnett, the founder of Linea Café in San Francisco, and Linea’s roaster Ant Walach, experimenting with roast profiles on Geisha from Willem’s farm in Panama, Finca La Mula. In situations like these, I instinctively turn on my camera and yell “action!” Roasting the Geisha variety is very tricky. Finca La Mula is situated at a very high elevation in Panama with warm days and cold nights. This should make this Geisha a hard bean, but a major property of the variety itself is to produce an open bean structure and this must be taken into consideration when choosing a roast profile. As an added bonus, this Geisha is processed as a sun dried natural. Andrew and Ant share their experience roasting La Mula Geisha and Willem explains what the main issues are that one should focus on when roasting such an interesting variety.

[youtube id=”EOc4p79yzyw” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

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October 29, 2013