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DURATION: 1h 16min

This is our latest course with the amazing Marcus Young. Learn how to approach direct trade, how to find and develop the partnership,  what steps you have to take in order to ensure that the coffee you tasted at the origin is the same that the one which will arrive at your warehouse. All this and more in this course.

Course Curriculum

1. Intro to Direct Trade 00:10:00
2. The Direct Trade Model 00:04:00
3. Partners in Direct Trade 00:03:00
4. Making Impact with Direct Trade 00:04:00
5. Direct Trading with a Coop or a Individual Farmer 00:02:00
6. Analyzing the Coffee from Physical Standpoint 00:11:00
7. Technical Aspects for Purchasing Direct Trade Coffee 00:04:00
8. Technical Steps to Create Direct Trade Relationships 00:13:00
9. Will the Direct Trade Relation Save You Money? 00:02:00
10. Risks Involved with Direct Trade and The Value of an Importer. 00:03:00
11. What Happens When Your Farmer Gets Better Offer? 00:04:00
12. What is the Fair Price for Direct Trade Coffee? 00:03:00
13. Ethical Consideration of Direct Trade Relationships 00:04:00
14. What Happens if The Coffee You Bought is Different from The Initial Samples? 00:07:00
15. Can You Do Direct Trade If You Do Not Have the Skills to Analyze Coffee? 00:02:00
16. How to Maintain the Direct Trade Relation From Year to Year 00:03:00

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  1. Great learning


    I learned a great deal on questions I had about how to start this type of relation. Thanks Mark!

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