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DURATION: 2h 49min

The Cupping – Cupping is the elementary and professionally recognized methodology for evaluating coffee’s quality and characteristics.
Willem Boot will address more advanced coffee tasting theory, explains cupping forms and describes skill which will help you to be a better coffee taster. Q-Grader trainer Jodi Wieser and coffee farmer Graciano Cruz will demonstrate a practical example of a cupping session.

In the second part Daniel Humphries will explain how to test coffee for quality, focusing on three main forms of preparation: pour over (manual and automatic), full immersion brewing (French press) and espresso. Your customers will brew this coffee using popular brewing methods and it is vital that you know how this coffee tastes when prepared according to each method.


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Course Curriculum

Cupping History and Basic Concept 00:14:00
Cupping: the Rationale for Cupping Coffee 00:07:00
Cupping Stages #1 00:14:00
Cupping Stages #2 00:06:00
Cupping: the Protocol 00:06:00
Cupping Protocol: Setting Up Your Cupping Room 00:07:00
Hands-on Cupping: Setting Up the Cupping Session, Step by Step 00:06:00
Cupping Basic Areas of Coffee Exploration 00:06:00
Cupping Forms Explained FREE 00:07:00
Taste and Aroma Wheel 00:08:00
Physiology of Smelling 00:06:00
Physiology of Tasting 00:03:00
Roast Color of the Cupping Sample 00:10:00
Temperature of the Cupping Sample 00:04:00
Cupping Practice: Fragrance and Aroma 00:11:00
Cupping Practice: Tasting 00:08:00
Cupping Practice: Evaluation 00:05:00
Cupping Practice: Cleaning the Cups 00:04:00
Non Cupping Evaluation
Parameters and definitions FREE 00:04:00
French Press 00:07:00
Manual Drip 00:09:00
Automatic Drip FREE 00:05:00
Espresso 00:12:00
Articles and Materials
Cupping for Flavor vs Defects 00:00:00
Coffee Taster’s Glossary 00:00:00
Boot Coffee Cupping Form 00:00:00
Cupping 00:10:00

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  1. Very informative!


    The course is very informative. A good start for a novice coffee cupper like me!

  2. quiz not functioning


    Howcome I can’t take the quiz..it is not working!

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