Build Your Coffee Store with Shopify in 30min


You will build your first online store with this free course. No, I did not say “learn,” but “build”!

Don’t just sit on the couch and watch videos! This course includes assignments and together we will build your first store.  Don’t worry, you get 14 days’ free access to Shopify, and if you are not happy there are no commitments.

I built custom online stores for coffee brands all over the world on multiple shopping platforms and I was charging anything between $5,000 and $10,000.

Platforms like Shopify were my enemies, because they were slowly taking away my business. One day I decided to try it out myself and I was shocked when I learned how easy and fast it is to build an online store with Shopify. If your thoughts and products are ready, you can start to sell in 30 minutes! It is that simple.

If you want to start to sell RIGHT NOW — and there isn’t a better time to sell — and you do not have $4,000+ for a professional designer (if you do please contact me), start with Shopify. The initial monthly fee is equivalent to a better hosting solution and it is a great platform to start with. You will not have to deal with PCI compliance, SSL certificates, speed and SEO settings, scalability and other nerdy aspects. The folks at Shopify love these challenges and they set it up for you.

I hope this free course will help you to earn your initial investment towards our membership (hint, hint). ENJOY!

Course Curriculum

Registering with Shopify 00:12:00
First Steps 00:04:00
Customizing the Look of Your Website 00:04:00
Upload Screenshot of Your Current Page10, 00:00
Setting up Collections and Categories 00:03:00
Adding Products to Collections 00:03:00
Custom Menu 00:03:00
Various Settings 00:09:00
Launching Your Store 00:03:00
Show Us Your Store10, 00:00
Bonus #1 Pimping Your Store With Apps 00:03:00
Bonus #2 Pages and the About page 00:05:00

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  1. Details


    Really could be a little bit more detailed in all sections.

  2. Good Course - get started quick


    Easy way to get started and simple steps easily explained. Few extra tips thrown in and there is plenty more help from Shopify once you sign up – 14 days free is a great offer to get ready before launch.

  3. great look at Shopify


    Was a good look through the features of Shopify and how quickly it can be set up to produce something quite effective

  4. Kick ass course


    Good course that gets you off your butt to finally build that website that you knew was easy to do but still never get round to doing.

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