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We understand that an investment of $499.95 in the first year of this membership is a serious commitment, and new startups in particular have to think very carefully about where should they invest their initial capital. That said, we think investing in education and know-how is the best investment any professional can make. The earlier you do so, the faster you can develop your products and services rather than wasting time and money on trial and errors. If you want to be a coffee professional, if you want to start a coffee business, if you are serious about coffee, there is no other way. We built CoffeeCourses.com to make this affordable.
I have created this article to answer the question I get asked the most: “Is the Coffee Courses membership worth $499.95?” Yes, I am one of the creators, and yes, I would like to sell this product to you, but I encourage you to think about this a bit, weigh the pros and cons and make a well informed decision.

Online vs Live Coffee Courses

IMPORTANT: This is not a rant against live courses! We believe live courses have their benefits. This is simply a demonstration of the value and benefits offered by coffeecourses.com.

I did not attend these courses and I do not know their curriculum. I got all the information from the company websites, and feel free to research it yourself .

Compare the costs with some of the leading live courses, and see whether the value stacks up to what you’ll get with coffeecourses.com:


$499.95You get all this for 1 year!
    Superadvanced course for true coffee nerds and flavor masters. This course is live and new content is going to be added all the time.
    Basic concepts and protocols of cupping coffee. Analyzing coffee with different brew methods.
    Sell your coffee with a very easy e-commerce platform Shopify. This course is on us!


$5,455plus travel and lodging
  • $615
  • $1095+$1695
  • NA
  • $415
  • NA
  • $1385
  • $340
  • NA


$3,890plus travel and lodging
  • NA
  • $2395
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • $1495
  • NA


$1,650plus travel and lodging
  • $1650
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA


$1,895plus travel and lodging
  • $495
  • $1895
  • NA
  • Included in Advanced Roasting
  • Included in Adv. Roasting
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA

Other Benefits of Our Online Courses

Learn on YOUR terms

If you are like us, your life is very busy. Between work, family, and hobbies, it’s hard to find a block of time to attend an on-site course. With coffeecourses.com, you learn when and where you want; if you have internet access, class is in session! Take as long as you need to master the material, up to six months or longer if you choose. You set the schedule to suit your needs.

Your Memory 🙁

I have seen most of these videos many times, but I’m still surprised to learn something new when I watch them again. It turns out there is a reason for that, and that reason is our brain. Did you know that only 2 days after a class you might forget 80% of the lecture? Just Google “forgetting curve” or read this article on the subject and get some tips how to minimize the loss. With coffeecourses.com, you can re-watch or revisit the content as many times as you want, refreshing your memory and retaining the content you paid for.


In live course environment, you get Q&A only during the few hours/days the course lasts. You can ask us questions any time during your subscription period.


The cost of a live course is only a part of what you’ll have to pay — you need to take into account the travel and accommodation costs, and the hassle of booking. Is it a good value for you?

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Will I going to get access to all courses right away?

YES! All the courses are available after purchase. You can take a course as fast or as slow as you wish, in whatever order you like. All courses are available 24/7, weekends and holidays. You can take them in pyjamas and slippers with a cat on your lap and a pizza and beer in front of you. We will not judge and you will learn whenever and wherever (with internet access) you want.

What is that $149.95 annual renewal fee?

Your $499.95 payment covers one year of access. Your membership to automatically renew so you will be sure to get all the new content as it becomes available for $149.95 a year. You can cancel anytime.

Is it really possible to learn roasting and cupping from a video?

Yes it is. If you enroll in a live course, you will spend most of the class studying the theory of roasting, cupping, etc.  This is what our videos offer as well, and unlike a live course, you can actually revisit the content. Then it is up to you to practice and master the skill.  Whether you learn in person or online, practicing is the only way you will master roasting, cupping and brewing. Still feeling skeptical? Ask one of our more than 600 members who have already mastered roasting, cupping and other coffee skills via our online course.

Is the quality of the videos good?

See for yourself! Sign up for one of our free courses, or browse the curricula of individual courses and check out the free videos.

Are you SCAA/SCAE certified?

Our lab in San Rafael California is, this online course is not. We do follow the SCAA/SCAE’s methodology, and when certification for online courses becomes available, we will be ready to qualify.

What if I have questions? Can I get help?

Yes, you can contact us via our contact form and we will answer you, usually within 3 days.

But I can get this free on YouTube, right?

There are plenty of awesome videos on YouTube about brewing, coffee roasting and coffee generally. Even some of our videos are on YouTube! Check them out. But a complete curriculum offering a methodology from start to finish is only available through coffeecourses.com. No cat videos, though…

How long is the course?

We have over 15 hours of content and we keep adding more. With your initial payment, you have one year to master these courses, which in most cases is more than enough time to go through it at a comfortable pace.  Do you want to be like most of our students and stay with us to get access to new content, or revisit the older content? This is what the $149.95 annual extension offers. Not interested? Not a problem; you can cancel anytime.

Can I read any reviews?

We encourage our users to review our courses to help you decide, and to help us to create better content. Feel free to check them out or ask around on Facebook groups. We are very proud of what we’ve built and we are confident that 99.5% of our customers are satisfied with their purchase.

What is the difference between CoffeeCourses.com and Boot Camp Coffee?

We started Boot Camp Coffee 4 years ago and since then over 500 online students have enrolled. Last year we conducted a survey of our customers  and started to redesign the whole system to better meet your expectations. As the result, we built coffeecourses.com

It has same content as Boot Camp Coffee plus courses like Basic Barista Skills, Mastering Roast Profiles, Build Your Coffee Store with Shopify in 30 minutes.

It is a new system with a ton of modern elearning features and this is the platform where you will see new content in the future.

Do you have a question?


2 responses on "Is Coffee Courses Membership Worth It?"

  1. Thanks Lizzy. I am planning to visit Budapest in the summer. Will you be open?

  2. My husband and I bought the course last September after researching live course offers in Europe (not too many by the way). We came to a decision that coffeecourses.com worth the price taking into account that you don’t have to pay travel expanses, can do the course at your own pace, rewatch videos, make notes etc. Not to mention that live courses (Probat, some roasters in Italy, SCAE course) are way more expansive (without the travel costs).

    I agree 100% with the benefits Valerian listed above. It’s a great way to learn this “magical” craft! We will open our micro roaster in Budapest this year and are grateful to have access to the kind of knowledge and expertise coffeecourses.com and the Coffeeis.ME podcasts and FB group provides.

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