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Got an Idea for a Coffee Course?

Great! Whether your intention is to build your brand as a coffee consultant or to connect with students eager to learn about coffee, you are at the right place. Contact us and let’s talk about your idea.

Getting Started

Formulate your course idea and we will assist you in formatting your course for our site.

You can engage your students with videos, audios and text also tools like forums, messaging, quizzes, badges, certification and much more.

See this is very easy. Let’s do this.

Why not to use Udemy, Corsea or some other platform?

Actually you can. We do not limit where you sell your course. We offer you our platform because we already have a community of coffee lovers eager to learn. If your course is about coffee, we want you.

Need Ideas For Courses?

There are an unlimited number of topics you can make coffee courses about. Here are few topics to inspire you.

  • Business classes on managing coffee bar, coffee store, coffee roastery
  • How to roast, brew, maintain coffee equipment
  • “How to” for home roasters, home brewers, espresso lovers

The sky is the limit.

What’s in it for You?

  • 50% of revenues from sales
  • Hosting of your course
  • Get your name up
  • Professional course building assistance
  • Established client base
  • Marketing
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